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Dear Surfer:

Man, time flies too fast! Which is exactly the way I began my letter to you this time last year. Time moves so fast I have learned that it is indeed the most valuable commodity in life. For this reason, I've decided to use my time more wisely. I'm not going to waste it on b.s. any more!! I just can't...I'm too old for such shit. Excuse my language...

About September - we played at The College of St. Elizabeth's Centennial Celebration. It was great! What a beautiful campus, and the students were so receptive, very cool and treated us well. Thanks so much to John Dacks, a singer/songwriter you MUST see, for involving us in this wonderful event!! Also, thanks to Pat Murphy and to the Kelly family for their support, the video and the pictures (which I'm going to put on the site in the next couple of days.) The other bands that performed were of excellent quality. Dacks, of course, and Mike Errico was incredible. Unfortunately, we didn't get to catch Van Ness, but I've heard nothing but good things about them.

On the 26th, we played in bn9's hometown, Jersey City, at the annual Jersey City Community Day Multicultural Festival. The weather was perfect and it was fun! Especially since I could just walk the 6 blocks to the gig from home. It feel good giving back to the community! Much thanks to Brian at HDSID and to Vinnie's pizza who gave us 2 six packs of Pepsi and a pizza. Also thanks to everyone who came out, especially the Hoboken contingent who skipped out on their own town's festival to see us, the wicked little traitors!

For these two gigs, we introduced our new bass player. Marco Accattatos is originally from Italy and has performed in the states for about 8 years. He studied bass at a prestigious music college and now plays with several other groups around New York. Not only is he the perfect bass player, but he was an instant friend. We really hope you'll love him as much as we do! I'll have some pictures and stuff of him up soon.

Finally, we've got two new tunes - "Castles" by myself and Minoru, and "It's All About" by myself and Kim. woo hoo!



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